About Qigong Sensory Training for Autism

Qigong Sensory Training is a research-based, parent-delivered massage that helps children with autism and sensory integration disorders.  The evidence shows that children who receive the massage 15 minutes a day from their parents over a 5 month period demonstrate:

  • improvement in mood (fewer tantrums, lessened anxiety)
  • lessened sensitivity to touch
  • greater ease with transitions
  • improved in sleep
  • improved digestion

Parental stress also declines significantly over the treatment period.

Parents can be supported by a trained QST therapist, who delivers the massage 1-2 times a week over part of the treatment period (for more about the treatment approach see Dual Treatment).  For children with severe autism, support from a trained therapist is recommended.

Dr. Louisa Silva, the leader researcher of QST, has published 14 research studies  on QST over a 12 year period.

The videos below summarize the research completed as of 2011.  Read more on the research.






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