Qigong Sensory Training for Autism

Credit to the Qigong Sensory Training Institute

Reservoir Family Wellness  is pleased to be the primary East Coast provider of education and services in Qigong Sensory Training (QST) for children on the autism spectrum.  QST is a research-based approach to using a specialized home program in pediatric massage that helps children with autism improve their self–regulation and sensory regulation.

Children who have been treated daily for 15 minutes by their parents over a 5 month period have shown improvement in mood, lessened sensitivity to touch, greater ease with transitions, and improved sleep and digestion.   Parental stress has markedly declined over the treatment period as well.

Multiple research studies on the protocol and its effectiveness have been published in peer-reviewed journals over a 10 year period.

Dr. Broderick has been certified in the QST protocol by Dr. Louisa Silva, the founder of the method.  Dr. Broderick offers treatment sessions for children and provides workshops for parents who wish to learn how to deliver the home program effectively to their children.

Dr. Louisa Silva, Founder of Qigong Sensory Training Institute

For complete information on the research on Qigong Sensory Training visit  http://www.qsti.org.

If you’d like to attend a parent workshop, click on the link to to see the current schedule of upcoming Sunday workshops and register.

To read a brief article on the background and effectiveness of QST, go here.  Autism Today Blog  http://autismtodayblog.com/%E2%80%9Cqi%E2%80%9D-for-asd-traditional-chinese-medicine-provides-a-research-based-approach-to-using-medical-qigong-to-help-children-on-the-autism-spectrum/

To purchase Dr. Silva’s book, visit Amazon.com.

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