About Our Clinic

Reservoir Family Wellness offers acupuncture, healing qigong, and Chinese Herbal Medicine for children, adolescents and adults. For adults, we treat a wide range of conditions. Our services for children and adolescents are tailored to their needs, through needle-free acupuncture, qigong, and herbal medicine especially blended for their requirements.

We have a special interest in treating children and adolescents with special needs, and offer discounted services for children on the autism spectrum, children with mood disorders and attention deficit disorders.

For children on the autism spectrum, we offer Qigong Sensory Training, an evidence-based Chinese medical massage to support healthy development.

Please call or email to learn more about our services or to schedule a free initial consult.

About Our Director

Maria provides acupuncture to adults, children and teens.

Maria provides acupuncture to adults, children and teens.

Reservoir Family Wellness was founded by Maria Broderick, Ed.D., Lic.Ac. to serve families with an integrative approach to wellness.

Maria is a state licensed practitioner of acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine in Massachusetts. Maria holds a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture and a doctoral degree in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University.

Maria is a member of the clinical faculty of the New England School of Acupuncture (www.nesa.edu) where she supervises acupuncture interns in the pediatric unit at Boston Medical Center.

Maria has conducted research on the efficacy of holistic approaches to promoting health and well-being at Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute, at Boston area hospitals and research centers, and at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she was appointed a post-doctoral fellow and served on the faculty as Lecturer in Education. While a graduate student in Oriental medicine, she received a Schweitzer Fellowship.

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